Duggan Manufacturing Celebrates 16 Years of Manufacturing Success

Shelby Twp., Mich. – Duggan Manufacturing celebrates 16 years with a “Sweet 16” celebration event on Thursday, Dec. 8, 2016 at the Ryan Road location in Shelby Township to thank customers, suppliers and employees.

“As we continue to grow and thrive in the manufacturing industry, our processes and innovative technology become more robust,” said Tony Pinho, president of Duggan Manufacturing. “We are looking to expand our facility as we continue to grow, increasing storage space and adding equipment.
Currently, Duggan employs over 100 people and expects to hire more throughout the coming year as business continues to flourish. Duggan’s policy of hiring hardworking and dedicated individuals to provide best in class services has made them an industry leader in manufacturing.

“Since 2000, Duggan has been fast and responsive with good quality parts, consistently giving our company what they need, when they need it,” said Shaun Streett, engineering manager at Key Safety Systems. “They have good equipment, good people and good opportunities, we value doing business with them.”

Duggan invests in innovative, cutting-edge equipment such as the state-of-the-art Fiber Optic 4 kilowatt Prima 5-Axis Laser Cutting unit. “We continue looking toward the future, finding new ways to deliver accuracy, efficiency and quality parts for our customers,” said Pinho. “And we are excited to expand into the exhaust and battery technology market.”

“For the last 18 months, we have put a focus on expanding our export business and are getting results from this effort,” said Mike Arndt, sales director at Duggan Manufacturing. “I expect this to continue and am looking forward to more overseas opportunities in 2017.

About Duggan Manufacturing

Duggan Manufacturing is a leader in fiber optics laser technology in manufacturing and produces parts, components and prototypes of sheet metal stampings for the aerospace, automotive, defense, agricultural, entertainment and alternative energy industries. All of this is done in a 72,000-square-foot plant attached to a 28,000-square-foot facility.

For additional information, please visit www.dugganmfg.com.