For two decades we have produced precision prototype and low-volume production parts for everything from transmissions, seating assemblies, and window components to safety restraints, brake systems, and even trailer hitches directly for automotive OEMs and all Tiers of automotive industry supplier. These highly sophisticated customers appreciate our respect for their timetables, their specifications and our ability to reduce their vehicle production costs.

The depth of our capabilities under one roof, tenure and competency of our workforce uniquely positions us at Duggan to meet the daily challenges today’s car and truck manufacturers face in their factories and in the market to meet demand and maintain a competitive advantage.

Whatever your metal fabrication and component needs are and whatever the schedule, you can count on our team at Duggan Manufacturing to be an enthusiastic, responsive and capable extension of your team.


At Duggan, we understand the dependability and time requirements of the military.

Size of the job is no issue with over 60 presses (up to 1200 ton), ultra-modern laser equipment (4 kilowatt Mitsubishi Laser with a 45’ c 10’ automatic pallet makes for laser sharp cutting), press brake banks of milling machines, lathes, and on-target accuracy of our modern welding robots.

We have produced parts for military vehicle flatbeds and hoods, with every process taking place under our roof. Here at Duggan, we thrive on the challenges; tight schedules, intense quality standards and the ever-changing needs of the military. For us, it’s just another day.


Why do aerospace companies make us their choice?

They appreciate our meticulous attention to detail in light gauge metal forming, state of the art robotic welding and our CAD and laser-cutting technologies.

Additionally, our diversity of service offerings in a single facility allows Duggan Manufacturing to deliver intricately machined, drawn, stamped and assembled components.

We pride ourselves on having long standing relationships with several aerospace companies and delivering creative metal fabrication solutions from concept and pattern development to production and assembly.

High Tech & Industrial Components

We have been fortunate to work with many of the leading companies in the High Tech and Industrial Component space.  Giving us hands-on experience and insight into problem solving manufacturing issues using exotic materials and having to resolve stack up tolerances for these innovative companies.

Whether it is the push to electrify vehicles, which is a big part of the work we have done over the past few years, or delivering innovative metal fabrication solutions to an alternative energy company, the need for the various support components such as battery trays, bus bars and support plates has never been greater.


Duggan has been a critical Tier-2 supplier to the agricultural industry for two decades. We take pride in our long-standing relationships and the consistent positive feedback regarding our open-door policy and dedicated program management approach to working with our agricultural customers.

We also know the industry is ever changing.  Commodity prices and demand for agricultural goods can see large swings, affecting everyone in the industry. To ensure that your production schedules are kept intact, we always keep our timetables in synch with yours and lines of communication open.


In the home appliance industry, design and technology is constantly changing to meet consumer tastes and market demands. With these changes, comes the growing need for metal work in the industry.

As a custom metal stamper, our metal forming capabilities can provide everything from small volume and prototype fabrication to low volume production.

We have experience making components for washers and dryers to dishwashers, and everything in between.  With the heavy use of stainless steel in this industry and the precise metal finishing requirements, we are the perfect choice for appliance companies.

Mass Transit

Duggan Manufacturing was founded on the principles of the automotive industry, making our transition into mass transportation straightforward and seamless.

With the depth and variety of stamping capabilities and in-house tooling, we offer a unique one-stop, turnkey opportunity for our trains, planes and bus manufacturers to meet parts volumes from prototype to production, tight timeframes and cost requirements all under one roof.

Our customers value the extent of our capabilities and are confident we can handle any project they may have.

Call us for more information at 586.254.7400 or fill out our convenient RFQ form here. A Duggan team member can answer any questions that you may have about our manufacturing capabilities and services.