Focus on the Future: Our New Video Series

It’s an exciting time for us here at Duggan Manufacturing. We currently have some of the best technology in the industry and a great team of incredibly capable people. As we continue to grow we get a lot of questions from clients, contemporaries and even friends and family about how we do what we do. With that in mind we’ve decided to create a multi-part video series focusing on our capabilities and how what we do here helps keep the world moving.

The first video in our series is all about fiber optic laser cutting. For us, meeting client demand often means being able to fabricate highly engineered metal components within a very short time frame. That’s where the Prima Rapido 5-Axis Fiber Optic Laser Cutter comes in. These machines have the power, durability, efficiency and speed to keep up with the needs of our clients and as such are a valuable addition to our production floor.

You can watch this and other videos here. New videos will be released monthly.