Prototype Stamping

  • Tooling can be engineered and produced rapidly while remaining inexpensive.
  • Over 60 hydraulic presses — 11 with cushion capabilities.
  • Press tonnage ranges from 50 to 1200 tons.
  • Largest press bed size 84” x 90”
  • Hydraulic presses minimize tooling and move slower to prevent parts from ripping
  • Deep drawn parts occur when depth of the drawn part exceeds its diameter and is an area of expertise for Duggan

Low Volume Stamping

  • Produce tooling that can withstand over 100,000 hits if needed
  • Applying lessons learned in the prototype phase to a higher volume speeds up time to market while saving customers money
  • We implement processes that mimic production process. Poka yoke features, check aids, serialization, and key feature gages

Hot Stamping

  • Blanks are set in the oven, heated to the required temperature, removed, and stamped. Parts cool then dog bone sections are cut out for testing to ensure consistency
  • Material is proprietary with a high Boron content treated in the oven up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Yield strength before treating is 350 — 550 MPa and ultimate tensile is 500 to 700 MPa
  • Yield strength after stamping is 1100 MPa and ultimate tensile is 1500 MPa
Hot Stamping

Press Break

  • Duggan can bend small brackets, large rails, and everything in between
  • Brake parts up to 14 feet with capabilities ranging up to 350 tons
  • Multiple brackets formed efficiently by bending 3-axis blanks with existing tooling
  • Quickly add secondary tabs and features
  • Customers benefit from no tooling cost and short turnaround times
Press Brake
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