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“About us” is really “about you.”

Why we are AS9100 Rev.C, ISO 9001:2008, ISO/TS-16949:2009, IATF 16949, have a AWS Certified weld inspector and have a degreed weld engineer on staff… is because you want and are entitled to optimum performance assurances.

Why we maintain continuous on the floor, through-the-project Quality Assurance… is because we respect your specifications.

Why we’re outfitted with hundreds of proven and the latest state-of-the art tools and equipment, and innovate 98% of our own tooling… is because you want flexibility, and because you want us to confidently and professionally handle whatever comes through the door — fast. And right.

Why we give a lot more than lip service to our mission statement… is because you want commitment.


Duggan Manufacturing is committed to long term growth. We plan to service every market that has a need for custom metal components. We continually strive to increase our productivity by passing these savings directly to our customer to guarantee their and our prosperity long into the future.

As testament to the confidence our clients have in our ability to “get the job done,” in our first five years we doubled sales and have grown — in only ten years — from a simple garage-size workshop into a 75,000 square foot (and still-growing) facility with millions of dollars of tools and equipment. We have a full complement of talented technicians working three shifts. Clients tell us they appreciate our absolute flexibility and adaptability to every engineering challenge they bring through our doors, and the first-rate quality of the end product.

At Duggan we are committed… and you’re the reason we’re here.