There are probably a thousand reasons why we’re a company on the rise. Over the years Duggan Manufacturing has become a major force in the sheet metal prototype industry. We’ve grown in this short but dynamic time from two visionaries with a dream to a resourceful and task-oriented team of professionals.

JIT Delivery takes Investments in People and Equipment

While the right manpower is a major key to success, so is the equipment they use. One of the first questions most of our customers ask is about our equipment.

When it is needed, many of the processes involved in a job can be done in parallel. For instance a tool can be cutting while a laser cutting file is being designed. Setup pieces can be fast tracked throughout every step so there is less wait time.

We do not hold back on machines and tools. We have millions of dollars invested in presses, Laser Cutting and Laser Welding, CNCs, milling machines, lathes, shears, robotic welders and other welding equipment. Plus CMM and transportation apparatus. If we don’t have what you need, we’ll get it. Chances are though, it’s already on the floor hard at work since we’re constantly moving out old equipment and adding new, state-of-the-art essentials as we anticipate the future needs of our clients.

One department we’re especially proud of is our Tooling Shop where talented technicians, working directly with our model makers and engineers, innovate 98% of our tooling for basic and customized products. These artisans are the best in the business and often work miracles!

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