Now delivering the precision and speed of laser technology; the newest and greatest state-of-the-art robotic laser welding equipment that provides Duggan customers with performance and cost benefits not available with previous laser technologies.

At Duggan we’re proud to be a sheet metal prototype industry leader offering our customers this most up-to-date and optimally reliable equipment that more efficiently and effectively deals with a full range of metals from mild steel to zinc-coated to exotics, as well as Class “A” surfaces.

The many advantages:

Speed – Increased Throughput
Flexibility – 3-Dimensional
Material Savings – Smaller Weld Flanges plus Elimination of 2-part Epoxy
Increased Accuracies for Meticulous Fit and Finish
Improved Weld Geometries
Unlimited Weld Patterns

This exciting new robotic laser welding equipment enhances us as a total turnkey service supplier. In the hands of our professionals – with their years of welding experience, Duggan confirms once again our dedication to meeting every customer’s needs. Whatever the industry, whatever the project, whatever the timetable – this new process takes you from concept to reality to absolute satisfaction on time, on target, on budget… and laser sharp!

5-Axis Fiber Optic Laser Cutting Services

Duggan’s fiber optic laser cutting services provides our clients with:

  • Better repeatability
  • Fast
  • Turntable increases up-time & efficiency
  • Cuts reflective materials with minimal burrs
  • Formed parts are typically 5-axis trimmed by a laser cutting system
  • Lasers are programmed from CAD data
  • Parts are checked and adjusted till in tolerance
  • Up to 4 kilowatts in power
  • Quicker first piece part approval
  • High quality & repeatable outcomes

Laser Welding Services

Duggan was one of the first in Michigan to offer Laser Welding Services because of the many benefits.

  • Minimal distortion of parts
  • Stronger than other welds
  • Speed–Increased throughput
  • Pin-point precision
  • Stampings need to be held to a greater tolerance
  • Emerging technology that few company’s have the capability
  • Unlimited weld patterns
Robotic Laser Welding Machine

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