Welding & Assembly

Welding and Assembly Services

  • MIG WELDING—The most common form of welding and can be done either manually or robotically
  • TIG WELDING—Done manually with thin gauge material
  • RESISTANCE WELDING—Fuses two metal surfaces together using heat and electrical current
  • LASER WELDING—Incorporates laser power to melt two or more metals together and eliminates the need for filler metal to be used
  • RIVETING, STAKING, TOXING, and PEM NUT installation and other assembly
Welding Mask and Gloves at TIG Welding Station

How We Do It Better

  • Certified to weld over 25 different automotive, military, and aerospace certifications
  • Employ two certified weld inspectors who ensure all welds are to specification in our A2LA Accredited ISO 17025 Metallurgy Lab
  • Nikon Microscope helps verify weld penetration and meet rigorous specifications
Welded Metal Components

Manual Assembly

  • All manual welders are certified to the specifications they are working to
  • Our TIG welders have passed rigid aerospace scrutiny from Gulfstream and Sykorski
  • DC welding equipment allows us to weld Non Ferrous materials
MIG and TIG Welding by Certified Welders

Resistance Welding

  • Manual processes for both AC/DC units
  • AC units allow better penetration with all materials; especially aluminum
  • Robotic spot welding units utilized for large quantities or parts both large and heavy
Welded and Riveted Vehicle Component

Laser Welding

  • Latest Technology in laser development 
  • Capable of welding up to 5-spots per second
  • 3-D welding capabilities
  • Large window capacity
  • Latest software
  • Endless parameter settings
  • Endless pattern shapes
  • Learn more about our laser cutting capabilities here
Robotic Laser Welding Machine

Robotic Assembly

  • Robotic MIG welding is utilized for large batches of parts or when production processes are required
  • Can weld a pre-programmed position, be guided by machine vision or a combination of both
Robotic Laser Welding Machine


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