5-Axis Fiber Optic Laser Cutting

  • 3 Prima 5-axis laser cutting machines utilize a fiber optic beam source producing many advantages
  • Rotating table for increased up-time, speed and efficiency
  • Better edge cut quality on reflective or exotic materials
  • More run time for the machines because of less maintenance
  • Better repeatability
  • Up to 4 kilowatts in power
  • Formed parts are typically 5-axis trimmed by a laser cutting system
  • Lasers are programmed from CAD data
  • Parts are checked and adjusted till in tolerance
  • Quicker first piece part approval
  • High quality & repeatable outcomes
5-Axis Fiber Optic Prima Rapido Laser Cutter


  • Two hi-power (4KW) systems with automated 
material handling
  • Cuts up to 1” steel and 3/8” aluminum
  • CNC controlled pallet racking system 
holds up to 20,000 lbs
  • Allows for “Lights Out Cutting”
  • Up to 10,000,000 pounds of material 
produced using this system in a year
CNC controlled pallet racking system

Wire EDM Services

  • Perfect for any part that requires high precision fine blanking such as gears, pawls, sectors and applicable stampings
  • Cuts parts within tolerance of 2 millionths of an inch and hold pieces up to 41”x32”x16” tall
  • Aids in producing die details
  • Capable of cutting any conductive materials
CNN Cutting Machine and Metal Component


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